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Child rights

PDC follow the guiding principles of the UN Convention…

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Peoples Development Community (PDC)

Peoples Development Community (PDC) is a non-government organization in Bangladesh. The organization established in 1997 with a view to contribute development activities in the country. It works among poorest, marginalized and different vulnerable communities. The organization believes people empowerment and participation in the development activity. It’s move forward to promote human rights especially for poorest and marginalized people.

Currently PDC is working on the projects like Primary and Mass Education, Skill building training, HIV and AIDS Prevention and Care services, Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) and also running Clinics that include essential services for Reproductive Health and Family Planning Services.

Mission and Vision

Peoples Development Community (PDC) will contribute to reduce the violation of human rights to poor specifically women and marginalized groups of the community as well as protection of child rights through advocacy, community mobilization and community empowerment


Peoples Development Community (PDC) thrives for Bangladesh where all sector contributes to uphold human rights and the people, specifically women and their children of all level living with dignity, justice and social rights.

Plan of Action for Disaster Risk Management:

Peoples Development Community (PDC) is working for marginalized and vulnerable community in the rural and
urban areas of Bangladesh. It works in various sectors including Disaster Risk Management.
PDC feel that natural Hazard is any natural event which has an adverse socio-economic impact on the
human being. Alternatively, an extreme natural event, such as a cyclone, an earthquake or a flood, that is
not caused by human beings. These are naturally occurring phenomena that only become hazardous due
to the intervention of human infrastructure. The vulnerability of human infrastructure to destruction (risk)
by a disaster is also an important factor in understanding natural hazards. The distribution and impact of
natural hazards is unequal with greatest loss of life and property in the developing part of the world. This
is not because of greater hazard frequency but simply because of greater vulnerability. PDC has planned
for managing the risks of disaster as mentioned below:

  • Articulate the long-term strategic focus of disaster management in Bangladesh.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to address key issues: risk reduction, capacity building, information
    management, climate change adaptation, livelihood security, issues of gender and the socially
    disadvantaged, etc.
  • Show the relationship between the government vision, key result areas, goals and strategies, and
    to align priorities and strategies with international and national drivers for change.
  • Detail a road map for the development of disaster management plans by various entities.
  • Guide the DM&RD in the development and delivery of guidelines and programmes.
  • Illustrate to our organizational policies and activities how those can contribute to the
    achievements of the strategic goals and government vision on disaster management.
  • Provide a framework within which to report performance and success in achieving goals and

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