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Michael Jeewa is co-founder and retired CEO of the Asian People’s Disability Alliance (APDA) a UK based international non-governmental organisation in Consultative Status with the Social and Economic Council of the United Nations. The user-led organisation works to address the particular needs of Asian elderly and disabled people here at home in the UK and in developing countries of
South and Southeast Asia.
At APDA, Michael was mainly concerned with strategic planning of the Organisation’s direct services as well as its policy level activities at local, national and at international levels.

In the past Michael has worked with Remploy and Shaw Trust, the UK agencies which assist disabled
people into employment and independent living and also with the local authority ‘Job Search’ programme for disabled people from Black and Ethnic Minority communities. Consequently, APDA received ‘Remploy’ award for two consecutive years.

He also co-founded a social housing association which provides accessible special needs housing
together with support services for disabled people and their families.

Michael is of Indo-Burmese origin. He was educated at a The La Salle Brothers private Roman Catholic high school in Burma and also attended a commercial college in Rangoon, Burma. He continued further studies in the UK.

Over the many years of his work in the field of disability, he received numerous training courses in social care, including Disability Equality Training (DET). He now offers DET courses, on Pro-bono basis, for the cause and development of equal opportunities for disabled people in developing countries.

Due to his concerns for the health and well-being of the Burmese migrant community in the UK, he also initiated the setting up of a Burmese community organisation, addressing the mental and physical well-being of the Burmese community in the UK with support services.

Michael is deeply committed to addressing the unmet needs of poor and disadvantaged people globally and regularly travel to developing countries in South and Southeast Asia to contribute and share his substantial experience and knowledge of disability and race matters which he accumulated during many years of work within the UK Disability Movement and in the global disability movement as a whole.